Puffy white clouds look like wisps of cotton as they gingerly hang around the robin egg blue sky. Summer breezes are blowing through the cascades of emerald and peridot leaves from the trees in your front yard. Congratulations, homeowner. No more slumlords barely fixing the problems, you are the owner. You have plans to do things right.

Now, there is the responsibility of taking care of the leaky pipes, tending to the yard work, paying property taxes, so many new responsibilities. But, you are not going to be scared, because you have a plan. New names to your smartphone address book. The plumber, the electrician, the roofing specialist. But, do not forget to add an important number for the exterior of your home. The pressure washer. If you guessed a good HVAC company, that’s important as well. But, definitely having a pressure washer is a necessity, too. Few know the reasons pressure washing Florence, SC  is essential to proper house care. Here are the top 5 reasons to have your home pressure washed.

The first thing to know is that it does not matter the type of exterior you have, it is an exterior that needs cleaning. Just like there are professionals who can apply facials to your face, a professional pressure washing company will have the knowledge of applying the appropriate pressure to clean. Too much pressure and it can damage the exterior by either causing holes. Too little pressure and you just have a wet home with no benefits. Siding is especially prone to having a proper pressure washer cleaning so that mold and grime do not collect on the pieces. By using the correct temperature and pressure, mold and grime will not adhere to the surface and cause potentially harmful effects.

The second reason to pressure wash your home is another preventative measure, to ensure that harmful pests do not have a chance to make your exterior their own condominium. Pests are not paying your mortgage. Pressure wash to ensure the outside of your home does not become an interior wall for an insect.

Third, proper pressure washing prevents staining or harmful damage. It’s like making sure there is sun protection on your face when you’re outside. Proper washing of the exterior always helps maintain the proper color and well being of the exterior.

The fourth and fifth reasons go hand in hand. Preventative maintenance builds up property value. When your home is routinely cared for, it is easier to take care of it should something happen to damage your home. By maintaining the outside, the curb appeal of your home stays high; therefore, it keeps the property value high as well. Left untreated the home’s value will go down from the wind, dust, grime, and insects/animals. A prudent choice to pressure wash ensures a pleasant future for your home.