There are surfaces in your home that are hard to get clean. Be it the roof or the driveway, and only a pressure wash can remove the dirt and other stubborn stains. Vetting a company for the job can be difficult. Having an idea about what to expect is crucial. This article provides five vital questions to ask a pressure washing company before deciding whether their services are worth your money and time.

What solutions and methods do you use for different surfaces?

Pressure washing is not just about using high-pressure steam to clean surfaces. There’s undoubtedly more to it. From the solutions to use on different textures to the amount of pressure you apply. A professional company understands that other surfaces require different methods. For surfaces like concrete, high pressure can be used, but the same does not apply when cleaning the roof.

If the company answers that there’s no specific method they use, cross them out. That spells damage to your precious home and unnecessary repair costs. We at All Clean Pressure Washing believe this is true.

Are your employees insured?

The reason you are getting professionals to handle the cleaning is that pressure washing is a dangerous business. Accidents happen more than you can imagine, and even professionals can get hurt. The company you hire should have insurance for all its employees and even you if someone gets hurt.

It’s an essential question that you should not ignore. If an accident happens and there’s no insurance, there’s a possibility that you will be held legally responsible. By law, you will have to pay for any damage incurred and the medical bills.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Professional companies offer at least a week’s guarantee, and if you find their work unsatisfactory within that bracket, you can ask for a refund. Or, at the very least, a revision. If the answer is a no, then even they don’t trust their work, so why should you?
A week is the bracket time because it offers enough for you to do the inspection. It’s also not enough time for new dirt to collect vastly. You can then judge the work.

What qualifications do you use in employee vetting?

As I mentioned, this job is not the easiest and pretty dangerous if not correctly handled. The technicians you choose to hire should offer some certification from a credited body. Apart from that, the company should have some programs to improve the skills of its technicians. If they’re adequately trained, then you can expect a job well done without the event of someone getting hurt.

Can you show me picture proof of your best job?

If you’ve never had a pressure washing company’s services before, it’s good to know what you should expect. The company you hire should be willing to show you before and after pictures. Look for similar surfaces, which will give you an idea of how your home will look after the job.

Go further to ask for references and, of course, look for customer reviews of the company online.

Well, to get the best services, you must ask these questions. But it doesn’t end there. You should pay attention to the answers and compare them with other companies and the ones offered above. Remember, you should only hire a company you have full faith in their services.